Vintage clothes in Winnipeg

Clothing for a day?

Statement garments for any occasion, audition, or simply as ethical choice. Rent an authentic item or ensemble to describe yourself in a glance.

Vintage for a night?

Theme Party? Special Ceremony? Unique Event? Vintage Clothing makes a clear statement of style and attitude. In a time of fast fashion and disposable trends, a vintage outfit can complement any age or style with something timeless. Whether an accent item or full period dress, what you wear and how you wear it can say so much in a glance.

Costumes for Life!

No Production is as important as life and no production is too small or big for our range of era items and artifacts for stage and cinema. From classroom projects, to independent scale to full period reproductions, our inventory of 25,000+ items will hold some or all of what you require.

Welcome to Ragpickers!

Join Us in celebrating Winnipeg’s newest Arts Hub and our arrival on its 3rd Floor! 90 Annabella, the Historic J.R. Watkins Building is a beacon in the East Exchange landscape and a flagship of turn of the century design.

You are very welcome to visit our new space at 90 Annabella St. Our New Costume Collective features makers, renters, sellers and creaters of the finest caliber! Velvet Plume joins us, as do Siggi Clothiers, another movie rental house and the return of Creative Stage Emporium as well as Ragpickers alumni Kristen Andrews and her incredible collection. All available by appointment!