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About Ragpickers

Created in 1984 by artist/activist Jan Picard, Ragpickers launched into the underground Winnipeg arts scene as a tiny back room repository of funky frocks and finds, connected to legendary "Lithium, A depression Cafe" Soon Ragpickers Antifashion Emporium grew to include Emma G's Deluxe Eatery and current proprietress Kristen Andrews found her way into the eclectic fold. Throughout the 90's, growing into a collective that hosted events and coffee houses, launched newspapers and 'zines', had antique dealers, book sellers, bicycle builders, jewelers, makers, finders and doers... Ragpickers became a cultural fixture in Winnipeg's iconic Exchange District. In the 2000's Kristen launched a 'Rags Revival' with a new location, Vaudeville style 'Viva Libre' Theatre and a Bookstore. Circus style shows grew out of this base as did the Radical Marching Band, The Flaming Trolleys.

In 2013, Ragpickers embarked on the next phase of development...a wholesale style warehouse 'The Ragfactory', this new alternative entrepreneurial model pivots around "Pop-Up shops" with a strong community presence at festivals, markets, and the development of artist based 'Ragstudio' ~ a basic film and photography based playground with multiple possibilities in backdrops,lights and P.A. gear with a serving of costumes, props and capture/edit/design services on the side... and this, the very beginning of our online shop and web presence.

The illustrations on this website and over many years have been thanks to Joshua Stanton.

We thank you for your support, and welcome your stories and feedback.


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Kindest Regards,

Kristen Andrews


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